Graduate students are welcome to receive Master`s degree at our faculty.

Educational programmes


Applied Physics and Nanomaterials
Biomedical Physics, Engineering and Informatics


Computer systems and networks


Information Security of Telecommunication Systems and Networks

Time Schedule of the Recruitment Commission:

  • Monday till Friday: 9:00 –17:00
  • Saturday (during the enrollment campaign): 9:00 – 14:00.

Admission Campaign Stages:

  1. Call for applications and documents 12th July – 26th July
  2. Passing the additional professional entrance examinations for entrants who have the higher education degree in another specialty 12th July – 26th July
  3. University entrance examination in the foreign language and specialty 27th July– 3rd August
  4. Publication of  ranked list of  enrolled students, indicating those who were admitted to a state-financed study places 4th August
  5. The expiry date for admission of enrollment requirements by students who were admitted to a state-financed study places  6th August at 17:00
  6. Admission of students who received the state funding 7th August until 12:00
  7. Terms of acceptance of applications for studying for the funds of individuals and legal entities 4th August – 10th August
  8. Admission of students at the expense of individuals and legal entities, at the expense of targeted state loans 11th August
  9. Additional admission (possible in the presence of vacant places) for studying for the funds of individuals and legal entities 31st August

Additional information is also available on the University site.