We invite You for free courses for Physics ZNO (external independent grading) preparation. Classes will be held every Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 in the room 24 in the Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems. Courses begin on October, 14th.

Registration for ZNO courses

For qualitative preparation for ZNO in Physics and Mathematics, we also offer you online courses EdEra, which were developed by graduates of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems.

Educational Era is a project that creates online courses, interactive tutorials and educational content of a wide range.

EdEra Courses are online courses that combine all the well-known methods of perceiving information. It makes the process of learning and assimilating material simpler and more understandable. Also, you have the opportunity to ask questions on the forum and receive round-the-clock support.The development is being conducted by young teachers in the faculty of the masters of the best universities of Ukraine in cooperation with the teachers of NTUU “KPI”, “KNU” and LPNU.

EdEra Books is an interactive educational literature service. Specially recorded video lectures, illustrations, presentations with a systematic material, memorizing the learned material, instant check tests and flexible online platform turn learning into interesting leisure. It is also possible to fully customize all options, from text size to the design of the textbook itself.

All courses and textbooks on the EdEra project are completely free.