In 1990, the faculty dean, prof. Oleg Tretyak suggested creation of the Department for automation of scientific research in the faculty of radiophysics. It prepared conditions for the study, development and introduction of automation methods into the scientific research in conditions of a shortage of microprocessor computer tools.

The first head of the department was an engineer of the Department of semiconductor electronics, Yuri Boiko, who already had an experience in the development of automated installations for the study of parameters of semiconductors. In addition to several engineers, the faculty students worked in the sector as well. Yuri Boiko and the staff of the department (V. Pindyura, S. Mynysenko, H. Kabalyuk and others) created laboratory workshop on automation of a scientific experiment based on the «Systems of processing and management» (СОУ-2) and automated complexes «MERA-60», and then on the first Ukrainian personal electronic computers «Neuron». More than half of the faculty chairs, as well as created at the faculty of radiophysics special faculty, are able to conduct classes on a modern basis.

In 1991, for the first time in the university, a personal computer was installed in the sector, which was connected to a worldwide computer network, allowing employees of the faculty and then other faculties of the university to open electronic mailboxes. Y. Boiko, with help of some initiative students (R. Syndyuk, A. Cheredarchuk), begun work on creating a local network for the faculty. The very first local network, located in the faculty of radiophysics, united four computers. Then, every chair was involved in this work .

Subsequently, the workshop on automation of the experiment was moved from the department to the chair of radio electronics, where a new specialization, called «Automation of Scientific Experiment» was opened. At the time, similar workshops were created in other chairs as well. V. Deriy becomes the head of the sector. The main areas of the departments’ activities are providing the educational process for programming, computer graphics, computer simulation, modern software packages, etc., as well as support for the local network of the faculty.

Since 2002, associate professor of the Department of semiconductor electronics, A. Shkavro, worked as the head of the sector. The main attention was focused on the improvement of the material and technical base of the department, the introduction of licensed software and the development of the local network of the faculty. There was three computer classes with ten modern computers in each and nine terminals in the department. A full reconstruction of the local network of the faculty, which includes all laboratories and services of the faculty (more than 250 computers), was completed. In addition to full-time employees (O. Petrenko, O. Tsyba, L. Myrontsova, I. Mykytenko, N. Zhuliabina, I. Golubenko, V. Rudnyk, O. Zubchenko) there are traditionally many students in the department. Students (D. Biguniak, Y. Kyrgyzov, S. Kypot’, S. Volchkov, P. Yevrosynkov, K. Sliepnev) always helped the employees of the sector to service computer classes, computers of faculty services, local network of the faculty and take active part (V. Oliynyk, S. Bunak, V. Pogorily, V. Bizyakin, O. Okoronko, A. Plakhotnyk) in the development and implementation of automated scientific and laboratory setups.

Since 2009, I. Golubenko works as the head of the sector. The staff of the department ensures the working of the computer network during the admission committee of the radiophysics, philosophy, and history faculties and the Institute of the high technologies. Since 2010, staff provide remote access to the electronic database of enrolled and those, who want to get the master degree.