Design, characterization and deep exploration of new materials for novel technologies and work on fundamental concepts of their description is one of the most intensively developing topics in modern applied physics. This week Kyiv held about 40 young and experienced scientists from 11 countries on the workshop in Curvilinear Micromagnetism. Workshop was organized in scope of long-term collaboration between the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University and Helmholz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V (HZDR) and supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The chairpersons and local organizers were Prof. Denis Sheka (RECS faculty) and Dr Denys Makarov (HZDR, also, alumni of RECS faculty!). 25 invited and contributing talks covered a wide, but still very focused range of topics. To name invited lectures:

  • Experimental results were presented by Olivier Fruchart (France), Florian Kronast (Germany), Axel Lubk (Germany), Oleksandr Dobrovlskiy (Germany), Attila Kakay (Germany), Damien Faurie (France) and Oleksii Volkov (Germany).
  • Progress and challenges in theoretical and numerical studies of curvilinear ferromagnets were presented by Carmine Ortix (Netherlands), Avadh Saxena (USA), Volodymor Kavchuk (Germany), Riccardo Hertel (France), Pedro Landeros (Chile), Vagson Carvalho-Santos (Brazil), Anna Morozovska (Ukraine), Attila Kakay (Germany), Boris Ivanov (Ukraine), Oleksandr Pylypovskyi (Ukraine) and Oleksii Volkov (Germany).

We are happy to see a significant contribution of alumni, staff and students of RECS faculty on this workshop. It was a great opportunity to bring together world leading scientists for experience exchange and raising new directions in magnetism. We believe the new contacts and fruitful discussions between Ukrainian and foreign researchers built during the event will advance new ideas, cooperation and give a deeper understanding of Nature.

Special thanks for photos: Oleksandr Belenko & Snezhana Khromets

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