The Cryogenic Department was created in 1975. It is an university department, which is under the scientific management of the Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems. The department provides  liquid nitrogen, helium, other dropped gas  and gaseous for educational and scientific processes in University. More over, scientific research in  low temperature magnetic levitation and impact of electromagnetic and magnetic fields on the living constructions are held in the department’s  laboratories.

Kondilenko  Ivan I. (Dean of Radiophysics Faculty) and Deriuhin  Ivan A. (the first Head of  the Quantum Radiophysics Chair) were the founders of the Cryogenic Department. In the begining, it was a low-power plant for nitrogen liquefaction in the mechanical workshop-room of the chair. Tsymbarevych  Viacheslav I. was the first head of this Department.

The modern department was built in 1970-1975, at the same time as building of Physical Department. Danylov Vadym V., Nakhodkin  Mykola H. and Tretiak  Oleh V. actively participated in its creation and  formation.

Tsymbarevych  Viacheslav I. was the first head of the Department. Kostenko  Viktor I. is the Head of the Cryogenic Department now. In different years in the structural subdivisions of the complex worked:

  1. Tsymbarevych Viacheslav Ivanovych
  2. Kostenko Viktor Ivanovych
  3. Koshevko Volodymyr Semenovych
  4. Kovalchuk Valerii Mykolaiovych
  5. Kovalenko Mykola Fedorovych
  6. Drokin Oleksandr Prokopovych
  7. Kelembet Viktor Yakymovych
  8. Kelembet Ihor Viktorovych
  9. Ushakov Viktor Petrovych
  10. Vlasenko Yurii Mykolaiovych
  11. Dniprovskyi Viktor Pavlovych
  12. Bezpalko Anatolii Pavlovych
  13. Rymar Yaroslava Yaroslavivna
  14. Dniprovskyi Yurii Viktorovych
  15. Chevniuk Leonid Volodymyrovych
  16. Tolkachev Yurii Vasylovych
  17. Sementsov Yurii Petrovych
  18. Kupriionok Oleksii Hryhorovych
  19. Kupriionok Pavlo Oleksiiovych
  20. Kyrsanov Valerii Heorhiiovych
  21. Shtan Volodymyr Petrovych
  22. Tokarev Volodymyr Vasylovych
  23. Chykmarenko Heorhii Vasylovych
  24. Pyriazev Mykhailo Mykhailovych
  25. Somer Mariia Illivna
  26. Chernenko Valerii Petrovych
  27. Seryk Viktor Petrovych
  28. Druzenko Valentyna Semenivna
  29. Lemtiuhin Mykhailo Valentynovych
  30. Malko Borys Yakovych
  31. Dzizinskyi Oleksandr Serhiiovych
  32. Donets Vadym Nekyforovych
  33. Kanievskyi Vasyl Ivanovych
  34. Romaniuk Vladyslav Fedorovych
  35. Pavlov Yurii Vasylovych
  36. Rybalchenko Ivan Dmytrovych
  37. Teleha Volodymyr Mykolaiovych
  38. Fedorov Ivan Ivanovych
  39. Sorochak Andrii Mykhailovych
  40. Chamor Tamila Hryhorivna
  41. Chamor Kateryna Hryhorivna
  42. Holembiovska Mariia Ivanivna
  43. Mitin Viktor Dmytrovych
  44. Rybalchenko Liudmyla Semenivna
  45. Nosenko Kateryna Mykhailivna
  46. Toporenko Oleh Vasylovych