Qualified specialists in Applied Physics are in the high demand all around the world in such areas as telecommunication, IT technologies, information security, space technologies, nano- and biotechnologies and medicine.

Information Technologies

Illia Filipov (graduate in 2015) is the author and founder of the startup EdEra (https://ed-era.com). Educational Era is the project that provides online courses, interactive tutorials, and educational content in a wide topic spectrum using IT. The project is aimed to make Ukrainian education high-quality, interesting and accessible.

Serhii Lozytskyi (graduate in 2008) Principal Software Engineer and Solutions Architect – Microsoft Office Product Suite

I am very grateful to the University and the Radiophysics Faculty for gained knowledge and efforts invested in me. In 2008, I received a Master’s Diploma with honors from our Faculty (Semiconductor Electronics Department). But more importantly, I gained a valuable, not only professional but also life experience that helped me to become a highly skilled IT specialist.

Over the past 5 years, I have been a leading developer and product architect in InvisibleCRM, which is one of the most successful Ukrainian startups. It has conquered the corporate software market in the Silicon Valley and such IT-whales as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Now I continue to be a consultant on the deployment of products.

At this time,  I’m taking the position of Principal Software Engineer and Solutions Architect – Microsoft Office Product Suite in company Cosi Consulting. It is a new startup from the United States.”

Pavlo Tkach (graduate in 2013 ) UI Team Leader / Senior JavaScript developer, Luxoft

Svitlana Tsymbaliuk (graduate in 2014) Software C++ Developer

Research Activities

Roman Kuzmych (graduate in 2015 ) Technical Research Analyst – ClickMeIn Technologies

Iryna Hozhyk (graduate in 2009) Research Engineer at Saint-Gobain Recherche, Paris, France

Maksym Sich (graduate in 2009 ) EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Yaroslav Aulin (graduate in 2006) Visiting Research Scholar at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Media and Telecommunications

Oleksandr Oleniev (graduate in 2015) Corporate Affairs in Ukraine/CIS (Intel Corporation)

Volodymyr Tkachenko (graduate in 2011) Technical Writer & Project Coordinator at MacPaw Inc.